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Dr. Mary Enig, a Ph.D. nutritionist/biochemist has undertaken much of the coconut oil research in more recent years. Dr. Enig has classified coconuts as a "functional food," which provides health benefits above and beyond the basic nutrients. She has specifically identified lauric acid as a key ingredient in coconut products.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Discover Coconut Oil: THE Healthiest Fat Choice on the Planet

Coconut oil is no fad! Coconut-eating cultures in the tropics have consistently lower cholesterol than people in the U.S. For thousands of years, the coconut has been used to keep people in the tropics healthy and lean. Why is coconut oil so special among the others? Research continues to confirm that coconut oil has many incredible heath benefits.

Our re-discovery of this healthy choice started in the 1930's when Dr. Weston Price ventured to the South Pacific Islands. There he discovered healthy and trim islanders. Their diets were naturally high in coconut products. Despite the 30-60%  high fat concentration of their total caloric intake from fully saturated coconut oil, heart disease was virtually non-existent. Coconut oil was found to balance the thyroid function and normalize cholesterol levels important for a healthy heart. Researchers began to realize that coconut oil did other things including help to support the immune system, cut body fat, fuel the brain and provide a boost for metabolism.

Coconut in one form or another helps to promote weight control by increasing the metabolic rate.  What is coconut oil? One reason for coconut oil’s health benefits, is that it’s rich in lauric acid which converts in your body to monolaurin – a compound also found in breast milk which is easily digested and strengthens the immunity. It raises the body’s metabolism and fights off pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. Capric acid, another coconut fatty acid present in smaller amounts, is also a anti-microbial component. Yet, coconut oil does not harm the "friendly" bacteria which is needed for a healthy digestive system. Moreover, coconut oil consists primarily of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are easily metabolized by the body so you have less fat build up. Weight management is not easy until you realize that when you eat the RIGHT kind of fat, your body will burn fat!

For internal health benefits use coconut oil for cooking. Coconut oil improves digestion and absorption of other nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is therefore helpful to enhance overall health for people in general but, especially for pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly, people with digestive disturbances and athletes seeking to boost their energy, endurance, as well as, physical and athletic performance. By the way, among the many good reasons for using coconut oil, compared to other oils, coconut oil has the highest smoke point which allows it to withstand higher cooking temperatures and maintain its structural integrity. From a scientific health viewpoint, it seems as though coconut oil has enough in it to make it worth while to consume on a daily basis.

“I personally take four tablespoons of coconut oil per day, either on my salads, in my cooking or in my cups of green tea. I will not go a day without coconut oil.” 
 ~Supermodel, 28, Miranda Kerr known for her organic lifestyle which she believes contributes to her glowing skin and her always hydrated hair. Aussie Miranda is married to Lord Of The Rings actor Orlando Bloom, 34. She gave birth to their son Flynn in January, credits Tahitian noni juice and coconut oil for her supermodel glow.

“I’ve been drinking it since I was 14, and when I’ve got a long day ahead of me, it’s the one thing I can’t live without,”
 the Daily Mail quoted her as telling Australia’s Cosmopolitan magazine.

So we find that coconut oil can help us internally and externally! For external benefits include coconut oil as a massage oil or conditioner. Coconut oil helps support the natural chemical balance of the skin. Rubbed into the skin, it penetrates and nourishes the skin including hair. Coconut oil has no harmful or discomforting side effects, is completely non-toxic and is a safe alternative to lotions and other oils. Coconut oil softens the skin and helps relieve dryness and flaking especially if you have  symptoms associated with psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis. Interestingly, we also find individuals using coconut oil to help tame their acne. Apparently, the two powerful anti-microbial agents, capric acid and lauric acid, found in coconut oil provide some anti-bacterial properties which help eliminate the bacterium turned rogue, Propionibacterium acnes, thought to be a possible agent responsible for acne and pimples.

Discover Coconut Oil

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Tempura-Style Coconut Shrimp

10-12 large fresh or frozen shrimp (if frozen, thaw quickly in a bowl of tepid water)
1/2 cup regular white flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper (to make your shrimp spicy)
1 egg
1/3 cup ice water
1/2 cup dry shredded unsweetened coconut
1 cup coconut oil

Remove shells from shrimp, but leave tails on for easier cooking and eating. Set aside.
Make the batter by first mixing the dry ingredients together: flour, baking powder, salt, and cayenne pepper (if using).
Crack the egg into the flour mixture, then add the ice water, stirring to break the yolk and form a fairly smooth batter (don't worry if there are a few small lumps).
Deep fry shrimps at about 375 F, until they are brown.

Serves 4 as an appetizer, tapas plate, or party food.
Excellent eaten on its own, or served with a dip. ENJOY!

Coconut Bar

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